The only thing I like distressed is my denim, and as we approach this spring season, distressed denim skirts are all the rave! There are so many different styles popping up everywhere. This particular skirt is from ZARA  and I’ve linked a variety below so you can find the one that goes with your personality and style!

One of my favorite ways to style any distressed piece is by dressing it up, which is what I did here with this bandeau choker bodysuit & long white blazer. Blazers and distressed denim go together like PB&J, rice and beans, and Bonnie & Clyde; no matter the top or bodysuit paired with the look, an oversized blazer seals the deal! I will add, this bodysuit isn’t your usual bodysuit. It’s built in chocker and bandeau detail is so fresh and sassy. I definitely recommend this bodysuit for the upcoming spring and summer seasons!

Although I’ve dressed up this skirt, dressing it down would also be such a hit! Pair this or any distressed denim skirt with a distressed graphic tee (or just a normal graphic tee would be a great option too), some kicks and an oversized blazer for a chic sport girl/woman on the go look! I might just style this look and photograph it soon.

Before I sign off, I do want to touch on a trend popping up everywhere that I’ve noticed, which is the colored sunnies. As you can see, I am a huge fan. I found these purple aviators at FOREVER21 for only $7.90!

Well amores/loves, I’d love to connect with you so leave me a comment below letting me know whether you love/dislike this look or if you have any questions on how to style with pieces you have!


ZARA Skirt: xs

Bodysuit: US 4

Blazer: US 2 


Jennifer Puente




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