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I’ve been so eager to share this flavorful look with you! [Imagine huge grin on my face right now] My inspiration came from LATINA Magazine, who emailed me a couple of weeks ago, asking if I would create a Carmen Miranda inspired look for their May/June #StyleWars page!! QUE QUE? Yeah, I know right, I couldn’t believe it myself! Of course I was and still am so honored and grateful for this opportunity (Mi mami is going to be so proud). I must have read their email a hundred times and almost trashed it fifty times, thinking it was some kind of joke! After texting my husband, talking to myself in my office, a couple of ermahgerds and some arm dances, I responded and accepted the challenge! I say challenge because this was Friday and they needed my images by the following Tuesday! YEAH, I know. There were probably about 100 meltdowns, minutes after I’d pressed send on my email response! If you follow me on snap (stilettomama) you witnessed one of them. I had no clue how I was going to create a “fruity modern and chic” Carmen Miranda inspired look within a weekend’s time frame. All I knew was that I needed the end result to honor Carmen Miranda, represent for Latina Magazine and have tons of SABOR (flavor)! So I did what girls do best -consulted with my bestie and local girl gang!

There was no question, my makeup needed to be on point so I reached out to Micalah Howard (take a glimpse at her amazing work here #MakeupbyMicalah) and she did NOT disappoint! She completely transformed my face and gave me the perfect Carmen Miranda face and eyebrows. WOW. If you’re looking for professional makeup application, for any occasion, I highly recommend visiting Micalah at Rejuv Med Spa, especially if you’re a Boise/Idaho local. And if you’re on Instagram make sure to follow her and her gorgeous girl gang on @MNM_Beautyy!

Frilly blouses, high waisted skirts, tropical colors and patterns, exaggerated jewelry, and of course fruit accessories – these were all staples that made Carmen Miranda the fashion icon she continues to be today. As much as the fruit accessories gave my look a modern Carmen Miranda feel, the key piece to this look would have to be this vibrant vintage top from @ShopVirgoDarling. I seriously can’t thank Kelsie Fields – the owner of this darling (no pun intended) online/mobile fashion boutique – enough for saving me this sassy top. Not only is it gorgeous and vintage but it’s from Paris! AND she mentioned she had been holding it aside with me in mind! Can you believe that?! I tend to see my blog as just a place of self-expression and escape, and forget my friends, family, and local people follow and support me, so when she told me that I was instantly so humbled and extremely thankful.

I also ended up with some beautiful vintage red pants that I can’t wait to share in another look! I will definitely be ordering more pieces from @ShopVirgoDarling for this spring and summer! She has some beautiful head wraps and dresses! You can check it out here:

Last but not least, I definitely need to thank my bestie Clari for checking up on me, critiquing the multiple snaps of outfit combinations and demanding more sass in my photos. LOL. I love you BLUE! AND of course the person who put the cherry on top, with his amazing (newly learned) camera skillz – my hubby. He’s been my biggest supporter of this hobby of mine and I thank the universe for him everyday.

As I look at these photos and reflect on this amazing opportunity, I can’t help but have a full heart and feel even more motivated to continue inspiring and creating. I wouldn’t have been able to pull off this off without the encouragement, support and help of my friends and family and I am so thankful. I hope this look brightened up your feed and day and thank you so much for meeting me here and supporting my love for flavorful fashion.

Before I officially sign off, I’d like to touch on how you too can achieve your own Carmen Miranda inspired look, because this summer is all about vibrant colors, tropical patterns, color blocking, and fruit infused accessories, earrings, tops, platforms and skirts. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are fruit accessories, fruit patterned purses, fruit heels, etc., everywhere in the stores and online! I’m in fruit heaven. You best believe I am going to be the real life Chiquita Banana this summer! Watch me! A few pointers when dressing for your Carmen Miranda look:

  1. If it’s vibrant, it’s not vibrant enough! JK no but really, vibrant colors and patterns will be your best friend this summer season. However, don’t make the mistake of looking like a rainbow. You can start by picking a color and then building your look around that color, like I did here. My main color here is red and then I worked around it by adding pops of yellow or turquoise with my accessories and shoes.
  2. Ruffles – always a good idea. Carmen Miranda ate, slept, and showered in ruffles. So don’t be afraid to add some frill to your top or your skirt. I’ve seen a couple of beautiful ruffled skirts that would an excellent choice!
  3. Accessories – make them count and make them work! Accessories are your look’s cherry on top. They can elevate your look to the next level, so if you want to go for statement necklaces that are rich in color and are bold in style, I suggest you select a top that is a solid color – with no prints or designs and let your jewelry do the talking.
  4. Bracelets – stack them baby girl, stack them! The more, the better! Another option would be to select a couple of bold (thick) bracelets!
  5. Fruit Purses, to add that ‘sweet’ touch!

P.S. Keep scrolling to shop Carmen Miranda inspired pieces!

Con Amor,

Jennifer Puente XOXO

SKIRT: Lucy Paris (In Store Dillards) | TOP: Vintage From @ShopVirgoDarling






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  1. April 13, 2017 / 3:42 PM

    Love love love everything about this babe!! The outfit is full on modern Carmen Miranda!! You nailed it! Your hubby is killing the photo game too!! ?

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