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As always, the slight taste of cooler weather always brings along the excitement for jackets, layers, boots, and everything Fall we’ve grown to miss over the Spring and Summer seasons. For this season, biker jackets – all colors and styles – ARE A MUST. Sure, a classic black moto/biker jacket will do, but for this fall season get ready to embraced the bold and unexpected metallic styles, like this Metallic Biker Jacket from Zara.

I LOVE eye catching fashion and styling complete looks round these type of pieces, just like I did here. As you can see, I let this metallic jacket do all the talking and lead the show/shoot.

Two additional pieces featured that deserve mentioning – a bold choker and mesh bodysuit. If you haven’t gotten yourself a choker yet – What are you waiting for babe?!?! You need at least one this Fall season, solo uno. With so many different styles and widths there’s no reason there shouldn’t be one around your neck! Forever21 has the most styles and best prices. Some as low as $3.90! Click here to see all of their chokers.

Add some edge to your look by donning on a black bralette and black mesh bodysuit. I don’t recommend following in Kim K’s footsteps, however, I do encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and ‘mesh’ around!

Well loves, I am off to shoot another fall look! Until then keep checking my instagram or stop back here on SC.


Jennifer Puente

Exact Biker Jacket: Here

Mesh Bodysuit: Here

Bralette: Here

Jeans: Here

Heels: Here

Chokers: Here


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