Today’s mood, given the election results, called for a casual but fierce look.  As much as I love dressing up, putting a casual glam look together is just as fulfilling! And the essential piece to make a plain look not so plain – BAD A jewelry. (OHHH YEAH)

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I’ve always been a gal to let her jewelry do all the talking. And a good statement piece can transform your rather casual look into a glam #OOTD. This particular statement necklace is Bauble Bar from their BIB collection! I adore that it’s a choker and bib set that can be worn together or separately. Most importantly, especially when purchasing statement pieces like these is  – quality – and stands behind there pieces, with free shipping and returns!

I am sure you’ve seen so many rants, opinions and declarations to day and by no means do I want to add to it. However, I do want to leave you with this powerful message, written by my friend Natalie Lemas Hernández:

“Focus on what you CAN control; speak out against injustice, smile and talk to a stranger at the grocery store, help an elderly person into their car, give people the benefit of the doubt, spread and love and positivity everywhere YOU go and YOU will have nothing to fear, no one to blame, nothing to regret. Now is the time to focus on yourself. How YOUR daily actions make a difference. It’s riding on YOUR shoulders to make the world a better place starting with YOU. YOU must BE the change YOU seek. Too long, you have been looking outside yourself, when the truth lies within. Go there and you will never be led astray. Your inner light if you choose to let it shine, will illuminate even the darkest places. This is a call. Listen to it. The light always prevails and the darkness will not overtake it. ✌?️ and blessings my dear dear friends.
And if you think that your candidate winning or losing will make your life better or worse, YOU HAVE LOST the battle. The only truth lies in your own beliefs and individual actions. Don’t be so quick to give YOUR POWER AWAY.”



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