Jennifer Puente, Stiletto Confessions, About

Hola and welcome to Stiletto Confessions! I’m Jennifer Puente and ‘I Must Confess’ I’m SO excited for the opportunity to share my life through my style, beauty, and life confessions! A little bit about myself –  I’m a true Idahoan with BIG City soul, style and flare residing in Brooklyn, Idaho (Boise, Idaho ?). I’m a spicy Mexican American with a desire to share, inspire and create. You’ll see! I invite you to walk a mile my ‘stilettos’ through my blog.

10 things about myself:

  1. Are you married? Yes, I’m Married to the most amazing man. 3 years and forever to go!
  2. Children? I am a mommy to a spunky 6, soon to be 7, year old princess! Oh and a 5 year old Yorkie, Rico Suave.
  3. Favorite Dish? I am obsessed with a GOOD Sandwich! Sandwich over Tacos, any day!
  4. Favorite Preforming Artist? I LOVE, obsess over BEY. I’ve loved her since her “NO, NO, NO” days. Yes that long time. I’m sure that’ll translate through my Instagram.
  5. Favorite Passtime/s? My favorite passtimes, besides family time, would have to be reading, exercising, shopping, and traveling.
  6. A Guilty Pleasure? A guilty pleasure of my mine, would be to get, what I call, “getting my ‘Jen’atay on”, which is really just getting my glam and dress up on. I usually dress up but not as over the top as I love to.
  7. What is your go-to cocktail? I’m not much of a drinker, however, I do love a good Moscow Mule.
  8. What’s your favorite online shopping site? I have a few, top picks – Zara, Nasty Gal, Missguided and Revolve. I pretty much love any site with sexy, edgy, unique, and urban clothing. I also love forever21, HM, and Necessary Clothing for more affordable everyday fashion pieces.
  9. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? If I am not heading to the gym, I am walking my dog and then rushing to get my daughter to school.
  10. I can’t leave my house without? I am embarrassed to say this but – Candy (please don’t tell my dentist). I have such a sweet tooth; I literally can’t leave the house with out “backup” aka candy.