Summer Essentials With Topshop, Steve Madden and Gorjana

This post is sponsored by TopshopSteve Madden, Gorjana and Griffin and Stylinity.


 TOPSHOP CHERRY OTS / STEVE MADDEN Cherry Red Heelss /  TOPSHOP Half Moon Cross Body Bag / Gorjana & Griffin Rose Rold Taner Bar Small Necklace , G Ring Set , and Amara Ring Set / TOPSHOP QUAY X Kylie Jenner Sunnies

SHOP 2nd LOOK (Above):

 TOPSHOP CHERRY OTS / STEVE MADDEN CLEARER Heels / TOPSHOP Half Moon Cross Body Bag / Gorjana & Griffin Rose Rold Taner Bar Small Necklace , G Ring Set , and Amara Ring Set / TOPSHOP RED POLLY ’90s Pointy Cat Eye Sunglasses / TOPSHOP Crop Denim Jacket

This post is sponsored by TopshopSteve Madden, Gorjana and Stylinity.

I’m usually one of those people who is ready for Fall by the time August 1st rolls around, but that’s NOT me this year, NO MA’AM. Summer is not over! I am going to milk every single hot/warm/lukewarm day that comes around my way, even after September 22nd! As far as I’m concerned I still have about 25+ summers days left (give or take depending on when you are reading this)!

Reflecting back on this summer, I can’t help but take note of some changes that have taken place with my style preferences but also affirmations of styles and summer essentials I’ve always loved. I thought I’d switch things up by sharing some of these changes and summer essentials! Hopefully you’ll find we have quite a bit in common!


  1. My love for OTS tops will never die. These past 2-3 summers have been filled with the most beautiful off the shoulder blouses and, to be honest, I haven’t even come close to getting enough of this style. My favorite one this year has definitely been this adorable cherry embroidered OTS blouse is from Topshop. I loved it so much I literally washed it as soon as I took it off and shot it in another look.
  2. RED is MY COLOR. Nothing has made me happier than to see RED pieces, shoes, bags, etc., popping up in the stores and online! For example, I can’t get enough of this ROLO Half Moon Cross Body Bag from Topshop or these new cherry red heels from Steve Madden! They paired perfectly with my cherry OTS!
  3. Sunnies are still MY SUMMER DRUG. I can’t seem to buy enough! Seriously, I have a problem. One of the best sites to find the raddest collections is Topshop and that’s where you can find these RED POLLY ’90s Pointy Cat Eye Sunglasses and QUAY X Kylie Jenner Sunnies I am wearing here!
  4. Summers = white shorts. There’s no summer without a great pair of white shorts and I found the best ones –MOTO Ripped Mom Shorts on TOPSHOP!


  1. Simplicity over statement jewelry pieces. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d prefer dainty necklaces and rings over statement oversized necklaces and rings. I love that I don’t have to worry about taking off my jewelry at night. The daintier the better and I’ve been living in this rose gold Taner Bar Small Necklace , G Ring Set , and Amara Ring Set from Gorjana and Griffin. Sometimes, I even give my over powering ring a break (don’t tell my husband!).
  2. Two Words – Clear Heels. At the begining of this trend, I swore them off, that was until I actually tried them on and had a change of heart! Of course, Steve Madden came through with their version the ‘CLEARER’ heel! I mentioned this in my previous post – these heels add length to my legs so in other words I will live in these heels until it snows!
  3. Denim jackets are my new jam, especially this TOPSHOP Crop Denim Jacket, it’s so unique for a denim jacket and a perfect transitional piece for when I do need to face Fall!


SHOP 3rd LOOK (Below) Here or: 

TOPSHOP Crop Denim Jacket / TOPSHOP MOTO Ripped Mom Shorts /TOPSHOP  White Tank / STEVE MADDEN HAMPTON / TOPSHOP Rhinestone Cap / Gorjana & Griffin Rose Rold Taner Bar Small Necklace , G Ring Set , and Amara Ring Set /


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