Just when I thought I couldn’t love this man anymore… we landed in Santorini.

stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-121 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-107 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-73 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-91 We arrived, already in love, with 4 years of marriage behind us; 14 years of dating, friendship, a beautiful baby girl, and tremendous growth as partners under our belts. However, without knowing or trying, this trip validated and intensified our love to an extreme that can only be explained and attributed to the romantic city that is Santorini, Greece. stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-94stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-85 My husband, being the romantic most amazing man that he is, set up this surprise Santorini photo shoot for us in Oia, with Santorini Weddings Photography. stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-101 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-45 I will admit, I was a little shocked and intimidated at first, but it was such a matchless experience and prime way to capture this captivating town and our celebration of 4 years of marriage. stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-42 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-43There are specific moments I live for in life…and this was definitely one of them. stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-58 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-51 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-36 I have never felt so glamorous and alluring. We caught the attention of residents, workers, and tourists as we posed and walked through Oia for about 2 hours with our photographer and his assistant (who carried a flash or large device of some sort). Some taking photos of us getting photographed and others just staring, probably wondering who we were or what we were doing. stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-14 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-10 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-2stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-8I wore Naked Wardrobe‘s ‘THE LUST MAXI’, which couldn’t have been more perfect for this occasion. I had originally packed it with intentions of wearing it to dinner, which BTW is usually around 10 PM or later in Greece, but I’m glad it served a better purpose. Heels from Necessary Clothing (good for walking on the marble steps and city streets, laid down hundreds, some thousands of years ago), stacked necklaces from Forever21 and earrings from Zara. stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-24-2 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-128-2 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-130Our photographer Sadiraj, was incredible. He knew exactly where to take us to capture the most picturesque photos – a task that would have taken us the whole day to find by ourselves. Not to mention we would have had to ask someone to take our photo and we all know 9 times out of 10 these pictures NEVER come out. stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-138 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-20 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-52 And here is Mr. Dreamy himself. The love I feel for this man is immeasurable. He’s given me the best gifts in life – our daughter and his unconditional love. My love, here’s to 4 years and forever to go!stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-81 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-127stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-87stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-38 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-66 stiletto-confessions-naked-wardrobe-silk-dress-135

Thank you so much for letting me share this memory with you. I hope you enjoyed these photos and have made Santorini, Greece  one of your top bucket list destinations.

Adios, and until next time amores!

XOXO, Jennifer Puente


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