The Road To Hana With Peony & Me

Items worn in this look are sponsored by Peony & ME , TOPSHOP, and Stylinity.

The Road To Hana. One of the longest and rewarding road trips I’ve ever been on. We set aside one day of our entire vacation for 8+ hours full of driving, about 27 stops, hiking, and sight seeing. As you can see, The Road To Hana has some of the most spellbinding views, waterfalls, hidden pools, and bamboo forests.

For this long day of sitting passenger, I was grateful to have picked the ideal road trip outfit from Peony & Me. There was no sacrificing style for ease with this set. Not only was it sporty and comfortable, it was light weight and breathable. I particularly loved the boa print and choice of color. Paired with my TOPSHOP LA baseball cap and sneakers, I was set for the most enjoyable and stylish ride.

I thought I’d share some insight about this trip, in the event you find yourself wanting to go on this adventure in the future, while in Maui or Hawaii of course!

  1. Dress Comfortably and With Versatility. Because you will mostly likely start your journey in the morning when it’s a bit chiller, layering is recommended, which is what I did here with my Peony & Me Mesh Piecing Top. It was an idea piece for extra warmth, easy removable and wrapped easily around my waist. Get 30% OFF everything on Peony & Me by using the exclusive promo code here
  2. Do not bring valuables. There have been some break in so please leave all valuables at the hotel.
  3. Download this app: Gypsy Guide Maui. This app was invaluable. INVALUABLE. You don’t need wifi for this app and once downloaded. It’s full of directions, history and knowledge. Based on the direction you are driving and mile markers you hit. Your trusty app will chime in and either share a story of Hawaii history, a tip or an interesting fact regarding Hawaii’s sea life, volcanos, beaches, and exotic plant life. It will talk to your the entire Road To Hana and advise you on whether you should stop or not.
  4. Start Early. Depending on where you are staying. The farther you go, just remember you are going to have to turn around and truck down that same pack to get pack. There are many one lane bridges that call for you to stop and wait for the other car to pass first. For us it was a 3 hour drive back to the Westin, in completely darkness!
  5. Try to stop at every mile marker you can! Here is a mile marker guide.
  6. Pack Snacks. I mean this is a road trip!

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