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When it comes to beauty, I would say 35% of my focus is geared towards the products I use on my face – skincare, makeup, waxing, etc., and the other 65% would definitely be my long locks! I can’t tell you how many hair curlers, blow dryers, and styling products I buy on a regular basis and have bought throughout my lifetime! So when Stylinity honored me with the opportunity to try the Tyme Iron and share it with you, I jumped at it!

For starters, I fell in love with the design and rose gold hue of my Tyme Iron, 3 inch round brush and paddle hair brush. A great addition to any beautiful bathroom or beauty space. As you can see below, another feature I REALLY appreciated was the iron’s sleeve, which will come in handy for storage and travel!

Before I get into whether it workes or not, if you find yourself with a new Tyme Iron, I do recommend watching their youtube tutorial, which I’ve linked here. It was extremely helpful in identifying specific parts of the iron and also explaining the specific techniques behind getting beautiful results! I wish I would have filmed myself trying it for the first time. SMH. I don’t know what I was thinking trying to wing it. So, trust me, don’t try to wing it! Watch the videos on their site, they have a collection of different videos to help you with your new Tyme Iron!

Now lets get to the part everybody wants to know – DOES IT WORK? Well, keep scrolling and see for yourself!

As you can see, here I have already washed & blow dried my hair. All ready for some fabulous Tyme Iron Curls!

When you watch their tutorial video, you’ll recognize these brown lines, they are your guidelines. This side is what you use to curl your hair, the opposite side of the iron is what you use to straighten your hair! ALWAYS SET YOUR IRON DOWN ON THESE BROWN LINES!

When you hold your iron, you want to make sure you hold it like a motorcycle handle.

LOOK AT THOSE CURLS! Oh, and my gorgeous Gorjana and Griffin Amara Ring Set & G Ring Set!

Where here you have it loves! What do you think? I wish I could bend and snap for your right now to show how much I LOVE my new Tyme Iron and brushes!

I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved shooting it! If you’re an all about your hair gal like I am, I suggest you look into getting Tyme Iron for yourself! And guess what?! If you buy a TYME Iron you’ll get a free brush, quarter, or half ZipTYME bag by going here!




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  1. November 16, 2017 / 8:07 PM

    Your hair looks incredible! I would love to have these beauty tools on hand! I love the curls so much!

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